FreeGeek Code of Conduct

Original copy available here.

FreeGeek Participants, including Staff Persons, Volunteers, Speakers, and Guests, pledge to act in a respectful manner at all times while in and around the FreeGeek space, and whenever interacting with another FreeGeek Participant during core hours.

FreeGeek is a diverse space, and we welcome a diversity of perspectives. All Participants should display common courtesy and sensitivity towards anyone who comes through FreeGeek's doors.

FreeGeek is strongly opposed to violence and to insure that each person that is involved with FreeGeek or that is in the FreeGeek space has a sense of security and can maintain their personal dignity, FreeGeek is committed to active nonviolence, in speech and action. FreeGeek Participants pledge to respectfully and peacefully resolve any disputes or disagreements.

FreeGeek is an information technology-oriented organization. Participants pledge to refrain from any sexual language, innuendo or offensive remarks related to gender, sexual orientation, spiritual belief systems and religion, political views or ethnicity. Disparaging remarks about any group of people, unwanted sexual advances towards others, excessive cursing, cursing around children and other disruptive behaviors are unacceptable. These behaviors are unrelated to FreeGeek's goals and they can be completely alienating to other Participants.

If two or more Staff Persons agree (unless only one Staff Person is on duty), any Participant may be asked to leave the space for the remainder of any open day. If any Staff Person believes that more serious measures are required, the Staff will meet and attempt to reach consensus on a course of action.

Digital Freedom Foundation Code of Conduct

Original copy available here.

If you notice someone participating in an SFD event and failing to uphold this code of conduct, please address the issue tactfully with that party, and bring unresolved issues to the sfd-discuss mailing list or the SFI Board.

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